Goals, Vision, and Purpose 23-24

2023- 2024 Vision, Mission, and Purpose


Our vision is to foster a community where students understand the value of a
high school diploma and the limitless opportunities it may provide for their


Our mission is to promote a growth mindset and a school culture that
embraces challenges as opportunities.​

Purpose: ​

Our purpose is to create a culture that fosters hope and inspiration so that
students are not defined by their past behaviors.

2023-2024 Goals

Data Driven Decisions:

WPEA will develop structure and systems through the 3 School Teams to
support student success. WPEA will continue to utilize and evolve our PLC
and SST monitoring tools to identify behaviorally and academically off-track
students so that appropriate timely tiers of support may be implemented.

High Impact Instruction:

  • WPEA will focus on providing standards-based, rigorous, and engaging
  • WPEA will focus on enhancing instructional practices through intentional
    lesson planning that focuses on mastery of the benchmarks.

Collaborative Culture:

  • WPEA will Promote and build structures around life readiness.
  • WPEA will utilize a common language of hope and inspiration to reframe our
    students’ mindset as it relates to their high school diploma and the limitless
    opportunities it may provide.